Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank you

As most people know, it is somewhat difficult to pull off the completion of an independent film. Unless you have a big corporate sponsor, rich uncle, or winning lottery ticket, most of the time, you are relying on personal savings, spare time, and, one very important thing: the graciousness and support of others.

As we close the books on legal clearances, audio mixes, color correcting, and the like, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge some of the people who have shown their kindness and support for the project. Some have donated their music, art, or footage to this production. Some have been gracious with their time, information, and in some cases, their gallery or storefront. And, some have just been an incredible source of moral support for an often trying endeavor.

So, in no particular order, here goes.


- Chris Hanson for being my right hand. And sometimes my left.
- John Lynch for always having a good answer, and for being there for me long before this project started.
- The following bands, for without their amazing music, the film would just be talk: The Avengers, the Butthole Surfers, The Slackers, Andrew Bird, Jets To Brazil, The Teenage Prayers, The Lord Henry, Locksley, Woodbelly, Dizzy Balloon, Skalpel, BC Camplight, Mike Viola, Mark Stanley, Ol'Bones P'Skipsee, 4th Street NiteOwls, Charlie Wheeler, Sun Dial, Christopher Louviere, Andy Santospago, Liquid Visions, Blair Packham, Grant Creon, Magnetic Fluid Experience, Chris Curry, Rob Scallon, Private Eleanor, Saucer, Dan Wallace, Honest Engine, Sara Milonovich, Homeless Sexuals, Mad Shad, The New Slave, MaxxFemm, Lake Effect, The Scarred, Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis, QXTC, Tim Seely, The Drawing Board, Jivaro, and Bang Bang Eche.

- The following extraordinary photographers, whose amazing work brought life to this movie: Gene Anthony, Roberta Bayley, Justin Borucki, Michael Crawford, Stephen Danelian, Greg Gormon, Herb Greene, Robin Hood, Bob Leafe, F-Stop Fitzgerald, Marcus Leatherdale, Jenny Lens, Jim Marshall, Charles Peterson, Raeanne Rubenstein, Lawrence Schiller, and Chris Wysard

- Kevin at Historic Films Inc. for working with us to find some amazing archival footage
- Eric Johnson and Bill Sagan at Wolfgang's Vault for their gracious help and support
- Rhino for their help with the Family Dog archive
- Bill Graham Archives for BGP help
- Chad Smith for working on the audio. And, for just generally being a great guy.
- Universal Records video dept.
- Tom Hazelmyer at AmRep
- Hard Rock Cafe, Detroit
- George Chen for helping with JB
- Jesse Block for his support, documenting the SF scene, and most of all, for being an awesome filmmaker and human being.
- Layla at Maximumrockandroll
- The Country Music Hall of Fame
- Clay Hayes for, through his dedication and hard work, being the one who single handedly gave contemporary posters artists THE cyberspace hangout. Please support his website: It is an invaluable resource, and an amazing community.
- - For being an incredible resource, and again, one of the coolest poster cyberspace hangouts in existence
- - Again, for being the definitive resource for '60s AND contemporary rock poster art, and for having such an amazing, knowledgeable, and helpful staff.
- Paul Grushkin - For writing the first book and co-writing the second book, for his incredible knowledge-base, his enthusiasm, and for being the ultimate documenter of the early poster scene. And, above all, for being a supreme rocker to this day.
- Dennis King for co-writing the second book, for his suggestions, support, and help with the Berkeley shoots... And, for being The King.
- Phil Cushway / Artrock Gallery for opening his doors and heart to us..
- The fine folks at the Fillmore
- Wayne Becker for support throughout
- Charlie Budd for being DA BEST
- John Severson and Surfer Magazine for their graciousness and kindess
- Ida Griffin for sharing Rick's history with the film
- Marty Hohn and TRPS for...Where do I start? For being an ULTIMATE source of support and help. (Maybe I should do a separate page for him!)
- Pepe Moreno for his shared enthusiasm, ideas and words of kindness, and his flyers, which make me laugh every time.
- Tad Doyle for including a bit of TAD in the film (and, in my opinion, all films need a bit of TAD!)
- Dave Wakeling for sharing
- Regina at Time Magazine
- John at Vitalis
- Kate and Bouncing Souls
- King and the Butthole Surfers
- Joe Rees at Target Video
- Doug Pray (for his clip, and for sharing a moment of irony!)
- Thurston / Sonic Youth
- The White Stripes
- Juxtapoz Magazine
- Rolling Stone
- Viacom / MTV Networks
- Robert Williams
- Ween
- Beau Lee
- Brandon Jameson for the moral support, and his (always) helpful advice
- The McClungs, also for their support
- Chuck and Ron. For making me laugh and helping with JB.
- Jorge for being another one that has made me smile throughout.
- Robert Greenfield for his insight and graciousness
- Penelope Houston, also for her insight
- Jello for his insight, and for an unforgettable shoot
- Stan Beinstein for his enthusiasm and insight
- Mike Gordon (for the excuse to visit, and for the trip down the band's memory lane)
- Lani and Kristin for re-creating the '80s
- Kimberly G. for great / helpful advice...
- March Schreibman for his much appreciated help with the DVD xtras
- Rebecca Lust and the fine folks at Orange County Tourism - This project is made possible, in part, with funds from Orange County Tourism and the County of Orange
- And, also to all the people who have sent us emails over the course of production - It has meant a lot to hear your experiences / poster stories / general enthusiasm about the film - These emails were often a source of inspiration when we were in the midst of a production roadblock..(!)

- Also, a huge THANK YOU to all of the artists who have created amazing movie posters for this film - I'm totally blown away by each and every design, and touched by the thought and creativity each artist has bestowed on this project(!)

- And, lastly, and most importantly, every single artist who either interviewed, or allowed his or her fantastic art to be a part of this film. This was an amazing experience, primarily because of the people I've met along the way. You know who you are, but just in case, here's the list: Mark Arminski, Leia Bell, Julie Belcher, Kevin Bradley, Art Chantry, COOP, Connie Cullingsworth, Ron Donovan, Mat Daly, Gary Grimshaw, Justin Hampton, Derek Hess, Penelope Houston, Paul Imagine, EMEK, Frank Kozik, Lindsey Kuhn, Dennis Loren, Jim Madison, Mike Martin, Tara McPherson, Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, Jermaine Rogers, Jay Ryan, Jim Pollock, Scrojo, Jim Sherraden, David Singer, Chuck Sperry, Chris Shaw, Winston Smith, Stainboy, Andy Stern, Randy Tuten, Steve Walters, Jeff Wood, Peter Belsito, Edwin Heaven, Jeff Lamm, Dennis C. Lee, Bonnie MacLean, Wes Wilson, Rick Griffin, Gary Panter, John Seabury, James Stark, Lee Conklin, Eric von Schmidt, and James Wilsey.

- Merle