Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank you from Merle and the DVD is out today!

Dear Fans, Supporters, and Generally Excellent People who have supported the American Artifact movie -

Today, March 27th, 2010, marks the worldwide release of the American Artifact Double DVD. It has been true labor of love for myself, (and not an easy journey by any stretch of the imagination!).

Since the film's release last June, we've had an amazing run with packed screenings in just about every major city. Press reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and the attention to rock posters (and "lowbrow" art in general) has grown exponentially.

I've truly enjoyed spending time with this subject, traveling with the film, and most importantly, seeing all the artists again and meeting the fans and supporters who have helped to spread the word about the movie from the start. You all totally rock, in every way possible!

Like any parent who sends their kid off to college, today I "send my kid off to college"; a "kid" who has been living with me for the last five years.

As production starts on my next film, this means I'll no longer be traveling with American Artifact as it continues to screen throughout the country and Europe. However, I hope you all will continue on the journey with the movie, and with me on to my next project (which I hope to be able to talk about soon!).

I also encourage you to pick up the DVD if you haven't yet, or tell a friend whom you think might be interested. The DVD has almost two hours of extras and deleted scenes, director's commentary, and is packaged in eco-friendly material. And to boot, your support will help allow independents like myself to make interesting, "outside-of-the mainstream" cinema in the future.

The DVD is now available at: , as well as on

Lastly, I hope to see some of you tonight at the Wherehouse for the DVD release party, with a free screening of the film, Hatch Show Print art show, bands, and drinks with myself. Details are at .

That all being said, THANK YOU all again (and again) for making it an absolutely incredible journey from the very beginning. Tonight we toast to great art, great people, and to great things to come!

Rockin' always,
:) Merle


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