Monday, August 4, 2008

Cream, The Animals, and Sid Bernstein...

So, last night we weny to see Jack Bruce (Cream) and Eric Burdon (The Animals) at Bethel Woods, the original site of Woodstock. The show was unbelievable, and for someone born in the '70s, it's the closest I'll ever get to the bands from the '60s. We managed to score box seats, and the best part was our seats were right behind Sid Bernstein, the (and, I quote) "man who brought the Beatles to America". Yes, the promoter responsible for bringing the Beatles, and countless other bands (Stones, ABBA, look him up, you'll see why we were awestruck) to America.

We got into conversation and he asked what I did, and I mentioned the film. We got on the subject of Bill Graham, who Sid said he had never met, but "had incrdible respect for". He mentioned that he had just won a lifetime achievemnt award, and in his acceptance speech, said "Bill, this one's for you".

Sid had just celebrated his 90th birthday, and during the show, they made an announcement, and the stadium applauded him. At some point, someone from backstage had brought him dinner, and he kept turning around and (as if it wasn't nice enough for him to engage in conversation) he kept offering us pieces of chicken (which my husband and our friend Charlie accepted - it was great chicken, according to both of them).

What a genuinely kind person, I would have liked to have had more time (and, a quieter place) to talk.

As he was leaving, we said our goodbyes, and our buddy Charlie thanked him for the chicken. The man who was with Sid said "that's funny, people usually come up to him and say "Thanks for the Beatles". That's the first time we've heard "Thanks for the chicken".

Here's a pic: